Our 5th new slitter from Elite Cameron has been commissioned, and has been welcomed by the team and our customers, further  increasing capacity within the group.

As our 4th machine which was installed at our Hinckley site earlier this year the new Elite Cameron C800 slitting machine comes with two new state of the art motors allowing us to achieve higher slitting speeds and quicker turn-around times on our films or customer supplied products.

Some features include:

  • Maximum Material Width 1600mm (63”)
  • Maximum Unwind Diameter 1000mm (40”)
  • Maximum Unwind Weight 1000kgs
  • Maximum Rewind Diameter 800mm (24”)
  • Maximum Rewind Weight 300kgs (660#)
  • Shear Slitting with Auto Knife Setting
  • Minimum Slit Width 20mm
  • Unwind Core Sizes 76mm (3”) 152mm (6”)