Carton Window Films Ltd has six slitting machines offering quick turn around on customer supplied materials and flexibility to ensure that we are able to supply reels to clients specification.  Out of the six machines three are fully programmable and computer controlled which assists in adhering to tight tolerances and high quality of conversion.

Although, our site is fully BRC accredited, we also offer trade slitting in our class 8 clean room.   We are able to slit printed or unprinted films on narrow wide widths – up to 1700mm wide.

All machines are able to convert from 76mm or 152mm cores and likewise rewind on to the same dimensions.  However, on our wider slitter we are able to take larger cores offering further flexibility if required.

Standard Capabilities:

Reel widths from 12.5mm to 1700mm
Jumbo reels up to 1000mm outside diameter

Slit reels up to 800mm outside diameter
Film thicknesses from 12mic to 500mic
Reel lengths up to 36,000m
Width tolerances of ±0.25mm on most reels
Ability to corona treat inline

Flexibility for slitting


Capability on slitting machines


Knowledge on slitting materials