Sustainable & Compostable Products

We have always been environmentally friendly, and this is something we all care about.  At Carton Window Films Ltd we understand the impact our decisions today will make on the future and where possible have implemented changes.  Our own reusable packaging saw our waste returns drop by half and clients benefit on not just throwing packaging away after goods were delivered.

Our commitment

Last year we announced that we would help our clients with sustainable / compostable products, and although we have been supplying these films to the industry for many years we understand that change is not easy.  We work alongside manufacturers, clients and packaging houses and support them where needed.  Offering our biodegradable film range, introducing rigid films with over 50% post consumer waste, and working with recycling plants to ensure that we are doing our part.

We understand that we all need play our part to look after our planet and future generation.  Offering sustainable / compostable films for window patching does have an increased cost when compared to conventional products, and we understand this, to help we have implemented changes with in Carton Window Films Ltd by investing in latest technology to optimise machineability, processability and performance.  By Carton Window Films Ltd reducing the energy demands within its conversion processes we are able to pass on savings to our clients and do our part, so that the consumer is not the only one expected to pay for a better and safer future for our planet.


Carton Window Films Ltd have always been on the forefront with providing the latest products available for the carton industry, with window patching / lamination films but not compromising on the service or quality of our products.

We truly believe that working with our customers is the best way for us all to make these small changes in helping our planet.  We don’t think of ourselves as suppliers to the carton industry but as partner to our clients, working alongside with manufacturers, designers, technical teams and the consumer to get the best product available.